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Commercial Law; Real Estate; Business Litigation; Child Support; Child Custody; Civil Litigation; Commercial Real Estate; Domestic Violence; Divorce; Estate Planning; Landlord and Tenant Law; Labor and Employment; Litigation; Wills.

Proceedings which involve issues of residence and contact often generate the most acrimonious disputes.

Similar regulations cover driving or operating certain types of machinery while affected by drinking alcohol or taking other drugs, including, but not limited to prescription drugs. Convictions do not necessarily involve actual driving of the vehicle.public companies, provides comprehensive services to a wide range of domestic and international clients including: individuals, domestic and foreign insurers, major utilities, Our practice involves complex.

Wrongful death is the basis for a lawsuit (wrongful death action) against the party or parties who caused the death filed on behalf of the members of the family who have lost the company and support of the deceased.

Trademark Infringement, including Business, Civil Trial and Appellate Litigation in Federal and State Courts, Commercial, Trade Diversion, Antitrust, Counterfeiting, Real Estate and Entertainment Litigation; Bankruptcy, Arbitrations.

Is a violation of the exclusive rights attaching to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner or any licensees.

Court filings quickly fill with mutual accusations by one parent against the other, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, brain-washing, parental alienation syndrome, sabotage, and manipulation.

It is these infrequent yet difficult custody battles that become public via the media and sometimes distort the public’s perceptions so that the issues appear more prevalent than they are and the court’s response appear inadequate.

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