Are kelly anne and cohutta still dating

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This episode opens at night with a shot of Ashli sleeping in her bed.We see Dunbar come in and jump into bed with her (trust, that sequence is important).” Failing to detect the sarcasm, Dunbar replies “Because I have a girlfriend.” Follow me after the jump to experience Dunbar in all of his douchebaggery.During their conversation, Dunbar tells Isaac that Ashli just won’t leave him alone (umm – you jumped into her bed, douchebag), and then follows that up by revealing that Cohutta and Kelly Anne are knocking boots (lterally – I think they both leave their cowboy boots on during sex. We then see Cohutta and Kelly Anne in bed, where Noirin and Parissa (in the next room) overhear them having crazy sex.

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Her mother tells her not to undermine Dunbar’s relationship with Julie.

All of a sudden, Cohutta says that the condom broke, and Kelly Anne absolutely freaks out since she is not on birth control.

Cohutta tells Kelly Anne that if she is pregnant, she will have to come to Georgia with him.

To the relief of both of them, she receives her monthly visitor (I’ve heard that working out can bring it on if you are close).

Their happiness is soon ruined by the rest of the roommates arguing over the computer again.

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