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Soaking up the extra dose of summer, my friend and I sat outside at a table overlooking the Winooski River, its rock ledges visible, and watched dog walkers splash and wade with their pups.

We peered around the building that houses the restaurant and glimpsed the setting sun.

He's a prize-winning drink maker who, at my request, mixed me a libation of his choice.

Di Donato set before me the Upside Down — a luscious, herbal concoction of Fernet-Branca, Chartreuse, fresh lime and pineapple, and cream of coconut, topped with a sprig of mint.

I've been a fan since the later years of the Chickenbone Café, a bar he owned on the corner of King and South Champlain streets in Burlington from 1975 to 1993.

I lived across the street from the Chickenbone for seven sleepless years.

In between is a 34-seat wooden bar that offers something handsome to look at from all angles.

I'm very proud of my son Kam and how his fellow employees enjoy working with him. Kam loves the chicken eggrolls, and they like the hummus.

We looked at her, and each other, dumbly, as adults do in sitcoms — and apparently in real life. "We're very thoughtful people," my friend assured her. I started to leave, thought it over for two seconds and headed back inside for a seat at the bar.

Bartender Eddie Di Donato greeted me by name, remembering me from last spring.

A twosome at the bar drank espresso martinis; another pair shared the special flatbread and a bottle of sparkling wine.

Above the din, the kitchen expediter made her voice heard. But today, I'm blessed." Conversation with Abdoo flowed and meandered like the Winooski River.

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