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You could say that you opened by mistake, assuming it was for you.

You have always wanted to get into your Sexy Secretary’s lingerie, but this is not what you had in mind.

Common courtesy demands that you put the package on her desk and not give the contents another thought.

There is a wicked voice within you telling you to take it to your office.

Most of our contract focuses on my slut working on those cock sucking skills.

Recently, my slut decided to impress me with a very special dildo. First I had them suck that 8.5″ squirting dildo with it primed and ready with the fake cum lube that was in the box.

Next will be an 8″ dildo that is significantly thicker.

Once my slut gets that all the way down their gullet then a massive 11.5″ dildo that is sure to be a struggle.

I whimpered with longing as his cock slid down my throat.

You fantasize about lifting her skirt and bending her over your big oak desk.

You dream about ripping open her blouse and spending hours between her big breasts.

You hurry to your office and take a letter opener to break the seal.

You pull out all this gorgeous lingerie and beautiful panties.

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