Transition from dating to serious relationship

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An important topic that doesn’t seem to receive much attention is how to move from casual dating to a serious, long term relationship.

Articles on everything from approaching women to developing a great sense of style are everywhere, but quality advice on how to elevate your relationship to something more serious is hard to find.

If it goes well you take her out a few more times, and somewhere in there you have sex.

But before I get to that, it’s important to understand that my advice will be useless unless you’re ready to be in a long term relationship.

Talking about how to develop yourself to the point where you’re ready for a long term relationship could fill an entire book (which I’m writing), but there are three easy things you can do that will drastically improve your chances of having a happy, healthy relationship. Do Everything you Want to Do That Might Interfere with or Ruin a Long Term Commitment. Infidelity, substance abuse, and excessive partying, to name a few.

As sleep overs become more common, let her know you enjoy her spending the night and it’s cool with you if she leaves some stuff at your house.

The big problems associated with getting serious don’t come from transitioning itself, but rather mistakes guys make in the process.

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