Pensioner dating

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There are some really kind people out there.” Geraldine’s daughter Lara was grateful for the man’s support.

She said: “I’m glad that someone arranged for the paramedics to be called as soon as possible.

Paramedics took Geraldine to Great Western Hospital, where she is still recovering.

Neal, who lives in a three-bedroom detached house, also started making anonymous phone calls to their landline using a pay-as-you-go phone.Her campaign of hate started back in 2002 when she lit four bonfires a day and wafted the smoke over their fence.The stuck-up pensioner then started clambering through wires and over a 5ft-high fence to get into the Brookes' back garden, where she pushed over their wheelie bins.A CALLOUS thief stole money from an elderly woman after she fell unconscious in the middle of a busy shopping street.Geraldine Croucher, from Pinehurst, was walking to the bus stop by the Central Library after collecting her pension from the post office in WH Smiths when she suddenly fell unconscious near The Savoy earlier this month.

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