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(Etron Fou Leloublan) - The Minute Warp (Neil Oram & Ken Campbell) - Chorale From Beethoven's 9th Symphony (Pete Seeger) - Robert Wyatt - vocals - Morgan Fisher - tape manipulation Rangers In The Nights a t initialement compos pour cet album.- CHERRY RED RECORDS (PIPE 2) 2x P (CDBRED361) Réédition CD en 1994: - BLUEPRINT (BP159CD) Wanna Buy A Bridge ?The Compilation - Twistin' The Night Away (from "That's all you need") (The Faces) - It's A Plain Shame (from "Humble Pie Peter Frampton Live in '73") (Peter Frampton) - Ride Sally ride (from "What ever happened to Dick and Steve?") (Lou Reed) - The Rake (from "It's not you") (Edgar Broughton Band) - Superstitious (from "Let me love you") (Beck, Bogart & Appice) - Wishing Well (from "Free or dead") (Free) - Hymn 43 (from "A new day yesterday") (Jethro Tull) - Children Of The Grave (from "Metal mess") (Black Sabbath) - Whole Lotta Love (from "1st April (A Paris affair)") (Led Zeppelin) - Hard Monkeys (from "Live in the Bronx") (Ten Years After) - Dixie Chicken / Triple face Boogie (from "When the shit hits the fan") (Little Feat) - Meeting Of The Spirits (from "Live") (Mahavishnu Orchestra) - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

) - This Is Love (The Gist) (ex-Young Marble Giants) - Blue Boy (Orange Juice) - Pretty (Mark Beer) - Fanfare In The Garden (Essential Logic) - Born In Flames (Red Crayola) - Not Happy (Pere Ubu) - How I Wrote Elastic Man (The Fall) - Work (BLUE ORCHIDS) (ex-Fall) Gap Tracks 1 - Transmission (Joy Division) - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted (Dave Stewart) - No Word From China (Pel Mel) - Non-Alignment Pact (Pere Ubu) - This Is Love (The Gist) - Sketch For Summer (The Durutti Column) - Kneel To The Boss (Cabaret Voltaire) - She's Lost Control (Joy Division) - Politics (Girls At Our Best) - Totally Wired (The Fall) - In A Lonely Place (New Order) - Mumbo Jumbo (Woodhead Monroe) - Modern Dance (Pere Ubu) - Shadowplay (Joy Division) - Seconds Too Late (Cabaret Voltaire) - Warm Leatherette (The Normal) - Sketch For Winter (The Durutti Column) Morrocci Klung !1 (Extract) (Peter Knight And Danny Thompson) - Ingenuity (Ultravox) - Dangerous Dreams (Jakko) - Begin To Burn (Bill Nelson) - Cantaloop (Us3) - Space Cowboy (Jamiroquai) - Midnight At The Oasis [Radio Version] (The Brand New Heavies) - Everyday [Bluey's 7" Mix] (Incognito) - Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out [Radio Mix] (Freak Power) - People In Tha Middle (Spearhead) - Feel So High (Des'ree) - Rebirth Of Slick [Cool Like Dat] (Digable Planets) - Feel The Music (Guru) - Been Thinking About You [Original Opaz Mix] (Martine Girault) - So What!(Ronny Jordan) - Real Love [Nush Glamour Mix] (Drizabone) - Never Stop [Radio Edit] (The Brand New Heavies) - Spiritual Love [Natural 7"] (Urban Species) - Green Screen (New Jersey Kings) - Mission Impossible (The James Taylor Quartet) - Keep Steppin' (Omar) - Heavy Vibes (Vibraphonic) - Boundaries [Radio Edit] Leena Conquest & Hip Hop Finger - Take The L Train [To 8th Avenue] (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) - Whirl Keeps Turning [Radio Edit] (Jhelisa) - Dream Come True (The Brand New Heavies) - D'Influence [Wow Original] [Dance Energy Edit] (Good Lover) - Promise Me Nothing [Album Version] (Repercussions) - The Creator Has A Masterplan (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) - Now Is The Time [Original Version] (D*Note) - Find Our Love (City Lix) - 24 For Betty Page (Snowboy) - Follow That Arab (Corduroy) - Turn It All Around (This I Dig) - Watcha Gonna Do (Xan) - Whatchugot (Groove Collective) - Funky Guitar [Sure Shot Deep Mix] (TC 1992) - Jesse (Mother Earth) - Let It Last (Carleen Anderson)) - Time (Sly And The Family Stone) - Yet So Beautiful (Laurel Macdonald) - Cais (Milton Nascimento) - I Still Love Albert Einstein (Earthling) - Mercury (Royal Tree) - See Through Love (Arthur Russell) - My Ideal (Chet Baker) - I See You Again (Stina Nordenstam) - Take Me As I Am (John Lee Hooker) - Starsailor (Tim Buckley) - Singing Before Hunting (Yanomani Young Men) - Rain (Tenko/Ikue Mori) - Taita Inty (Yma Samac) - Scott walker - White Jam (Captain Beefheart) - Young And Supernatural (Lilacs) - Falling (Judee Cruise) - Martyn Bates And Mick Harriss - Autumn Leaves (Coldcut) - Prelude/Lawns Of Dreams (Nico) - Protection (Massive Attack) - Cronica Da Casa Assassinanda (Tom Joblin) - Diabarum (Ryuichi Sakatmoto) - Wind Chimes (Beach Boys) - Honey Moon (Haruomi Hosono) - You Will Be Loved Again (Mary Margaret O'Hara) - Twilight Zone (Dr John) - Higher Than The Sun (Primal Scream) - Brilliant Trees (David Sylvian) - Small Hours (John Martyn) - Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean (Sheila Chandra) - Lifeforms (The Future Sound Of London) - A Village Funeral (Brass Band And Village Drummers In The Fantio Area) - Nearer Ma God To Thee (Tuxedo Brass Band) - Trauer-Sturmmarsch (Begräbniskapelle Aus Saigon) - Hymn (Vrieze's, Jopie Klein Bazuin) - West Lawn Dirge/Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Buck Funk & Reverend Anthony W.(Wahi Heat) - Blue Boy (Orange Juice) - Raising The Count (Cabaret Voltaire) - Kebab Traume (DAF Live) - Bare Pork (Furious Pig) - Raouf (Specials) - I Look Alone (Buzzcocks) - Fanfare In The Garden (Essential Logic ) - Shooting Out Loud (Raincoats) - Endless Soul (Josef K) - Low Profile (Blue Orchids) - Red Nettle (Virgin Prunes) - We Could Send Letters (Aztec Camera) - Milkmaid (Red Crayola) - Don't Get In My Way (Links) - The Day My Pad Went Mad (The Massed Carnaby St John Cooper Clarkes) - Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher (James Blood Ulmer) - Close To Home (Ian Dury) - Greener Grass (Gist) - Parallel Lines (Subway Sect) Long Distance - Politics (Girls At Our Best) - Born In Flames (Red Crayola) - Final Day (Young Marble Giants) - Seconds Too Late (Cabaret Voltaire) - Totally Wired (The Fall) - Try (Delta) - I Know Where Sid Barrett Lives (TV Personalities) - Hammer The Hammer (The Go-Betweens) - I'm On This Rocket (The Panther Burns) - A Hard Day's Night (Shockabilly) - More Trouble Coming Every Day (Zounds) - El Salvador (Mofungo) - Pagan Lovesong (Virgin Prunes) - Yashar (Cabaret Voltaire) Mighty Reel - Town Cryer (Elvis Costello & The Attractions) - Calling Captain Autumn (Haircut 100) - Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me (Spanish Rap) (Kid Creole & The Coconuts) - A Day In The Life Of...(Weekend) - Umkumbane (MUSIC from Soweto / Elfas Zondi) - Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize (Brother "D" with Collective Effort) - White Stuff (The Unfinished) (Fashion) - Sensation (No More Words) (Yello) - Petit Matin (The Honeymoon Killers) - Secret Life Of Arabia (Billy Mackenzie / British Electric Foundation) - Are You There (With Another Girl) (Mari Wilson) - Kita Kita O Mo La (King Sunny Ade & The African Beats) - Sleep Talk (Ornette Coleman) - Futility (The Ravishings Beauties) - Now Dance (The Three Courgettes) - Walking On Sunshine (Rockers Revenge featuring Donnie Calvin) - The Alibi (Fun Boy Three) - Loosen The Clamp (Cabaret Voltaire) - Dancibar (Liaisons Dangereuses) - Forget The Cost (Ub40) - Trainer (Michael Smith) Cassette diffusée gratuitement avec le magazine New Musical Express, accompagnée d'un mini-booklet de 32 pages.

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