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I’m most certain there are men who have been just as disrespectful to other men and women who’ve been just as disrespectful to other women.In your husband’s case, I’m sure he’s learned his lesson by now, but had he nipped it in the bud much earlier on by taking the steps he eventually took, he would have likely saved you both some aggravation.She used sad stories, hard luck stories, Pogo gifts, messages, chats etc to convince him he would be better off without me and our family.The final straw came when she began telling other players that my husband had promised to leave me for her and my husband was then confronted by these other players as was I.

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Should I have mentioned that there are ‘dirty women’ too?

There were a couple of postings that said to give the unwanted suitor the phone number of their local police or out-of-state police.

Others suggested people give phone numbers of churches, zoos, a different and wrong number. As a police officer who does man the non-emergency calls, it is not our job to fob off unwanted suitors because you find what they are doing to be offensive. We have many calls that need our attention and our lines need to remain open even though it is not a life threatening emergency.

Probably for balance, yes, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

And that may be an oversight, but it certainly does not make me a sexist.

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